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In the present post, I will reveal to you that "What Is  Corona-Virus , How does covid-19 spread, Symptoms of the covid-19 etc." & Some Interesting Facts If you need to know, continue to peruse this post to.

✅What Is CoronaVirus?

Coronavirus which is commonly called as covid-19 is an infectious disease which causes illness in the respiratory  system in the humans. As per research , individuals who share a similar degree of appeal or similarly socially attractive are well on the way to wind up with one another.


1. Covid is a group of infections causing some dangerous illnesses in human and creatures. 

2. It primarily affects our nervous system and damages it. 

3. It causes sicknesses identified with the respiratory framework like hacking and sniffling. 

4.The Co-vid spreads from creature to human.

5. It can likewise spreads through contact with a contaminated individual. 

6.It causes sicknesses identified with the respiratory framework like hacking and sniffling. 

7. Any confirmed treat meant of the infections cause by crown has been not found. 

8.It must be forestalled by having some precautionary activities. 

9. We ought to try not to have contend with a contaminated person .

10. washing our hands prosperity is significant for keeping ourselves.

How does the COVID-19 infection spread? 

The infection is communicated through direct contact with respiratory drops of a tainted individual (created through hacking and wheezing), and contacting surfaces polluted with the infection. The COVID-19 disease may make due with surfaces for a couple of hours, yet fundamental disinfectants can kill it.

 What is the best way to deal with wash hands suitably? 

Step 1:Wet hands with running water. 

Stage 2: Apply enough chemical to cover wet hands.

Stage 3: Scrub all surfaces of the hands – including back of hands, among fingers and under nails – for at any rate 20 seconds 

Stage 4: Rinse completely with running water. 

Stage 5: Dry hands with an ideal material or single-use towel.

Symptoms of the Coronavirus

1.runny nose.

2. fever.


4. headache.

5. sore throat.

6. a general feeling of being unwell.

7. breathing issues.

8. inflammation in the lungs/pneumonia.

5 facts about  the new coronavirus disease that you ever don't know:-

1. Chilly climate and snow can't slaughter the coronavirus.

2. Cleaning up doesn't forestall the new Covid sickness. 3. The new Covid can't be communicated through mosquito nibbles.

4. Hand dryers are not compelling in murdering the new Covid.

5. Immunizations against pneumonia, don't give assurance against the new Covid. 

Does COVID-19 influence kids? 

This is another contamination and we don't know enough yet about how it impacts young people or pregnant women. We realize it is feasible for individuals of all ages to be tainted with the infection, yet so far there have been generally couple of instances of COVID-19 revealed among kids. The infection is lethal in uncommon cases, so far mostly among more seasoned individuals with prior ailments.

4 ways to protect yourself against coronavirus disease.

1. wash your hands as often as possible for in any event 20 seconds.

2. try to maintain 1  meter distance from anyone that's sneezing. 

3. avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.

4. cover your mouth and nose with your bowed elbow when you hack or sniffle.

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