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Justin Bieber Facts And Information | In English 

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Who Is Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber is a Canadian vocalist and lyricist. Brought into the world in 1994 in Stratford, Ontario, Canada, to a single parent, Bieber came in just short of the leader in a nearby ability rivalry at a youthful age. After his mom posted YouTube clasps of her kid performing, Bieber went from an obscure, undeveloped artist to a sprouting genius with a hotshot record manage Usher inside two years. Bieber proceeded to turn into the main independent craftsman to have four singles enter the Top 40 preceding the arrival of a presentation collection. His 2009 collection, My World, went platinum in a few nations. He later experienced critical media openness from hostile movement. In any case, the vocalist made his rebound in 2015 with his first number one melody, "What Do You Mean?" His 2017 coordinated effort with Luis Fonsi, "Despacito," broke the untouched record for most continuous weeks at the main spot on the Top 100. Bieber broke another record in mid 2020 when the accomplishment of Changes made him the most youthful craftsman to have seven collections arrive at the best position on the Billboard Hot 200.

When and Where Was Justin Bieber Born

Justin Bieber was brought into the world on March 1, 1994, in the humble community of Stratford, Ontario, Canada. 

Justin Bieber Stature :-

Justin Bieber has said he's 5-foot-9-inches tall. Anyway dependent on photos of the star close to different big names, there has been hypothesis that he gauges in at 5-foot-7-inches.

Justin Bieber Family :-

Justin Bieber was raised by a single parent. His father, Jeremy Bieber, left to begin a family with another lady. As per some media reports, Justin and his dad weren't close growing up; his father has been now and again portrayed similar to a "loser" who just reemerged after Justin accomplished YouTube notoriety. Jeremy apparently thought to be turning into a rapper himself and has battled with fixation issues. It was additionally announced that Justin had been celebrating with his father not long before his January 2014 capture for driving affected by liquor and medications. 

Regardless of their purportedly convoluted relationship, Justin has kept up that he and his father are close. In 2010, 16-year-old Justin disclosed to Seventeen magazine: "I have an extraordinary relationship with my father. At the point when I was more youthful, he showed me how to play a few melodies on the guitar, as 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door' by Bob Dylan." Justin's first tattoo, a seagull that he got in 2010, matches one his dad has. 

In February 2016, Justin revealed to GQ magazine, "I'm significantly nearer to my father than I am to my mum." after two months, Justin went to a gathering to praise his father's commitment to sweetheart Chelsey Rebelow. At the point when Jeremy turned into a dad again in August 2018, Justin invited younger sibling Bay to the family.

Shocking Facts About Justin Bieber :- 

1. His full name is Justin Drew Bieber.

2. His favorite baseball team is the Yankees.

3. Jazzy once tried to  run on stage because Justin was crying while singing OLLG but Jeremy stopped her.

4. Justin said that he loves to play with girl s hair.

5. Justin can play the drums guitar piano and trumpet.

6. His hair cuts have cost up to $750.

7. He likes French , English and Australian  accents.

8. Before Justin named his fans Beliebers he called them Justin eras.

9. Justin once shaved his hair because his friend had cancer.

10. Justin wants a girl who would love him for him and not his fame.

11. Justin said that if he was fighting with his girl friend and she start crying he would stop and pull her in for a hug.

12. Justin said he loves surprising fans  because their reaction are priceless.

13. Justin says he wants 3 kids.

14. He has 51 tattoos.

15. His first tattoo was when he was 16 and it was a bird  on his hip.

16. Justin once planned on going to Church because he hadn't for so long, but then he slept in. It got him so upset.

17. Justin once saw a girl in the crowd that was crying and couldn't breathe so he gave her his bottle of water. 

18. Justin said he wrote the best music when his heart was broken.

19. On march 28th 2009, Justin made his twitter account.

20. Justin recorded a song called 'My world' but it never was put on the My World Album. 

21. Justin once said he wished they would let him be shirtless for entire music video. 

22. Justin the world's biggest fandom making up 34% of the world's population. 

23. Justin took a selfie on a girl's phone then everyone threw phones up on stage so he kicked them away.

24. Justin is on the top of the 'Celebs gone good' list.

25. Justin said 'I wish I could have one big party where all my fans get together in one place'
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