Best 40 Hidden Psychology Facts About Sex.

Best 40 Hidden Psychology Facts About Sex.

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Introduction :- sex facts | Interesting facts about sex - Friends, in this post, we are going to tell you some interesting facts related to sex. We can say with a claim that if you read this sex psychology facts then yo will able to understand many things, so let's know There are interesting facts about  about sex. And I'm damn sure that you won't ever get this sex facts  like us on the web elsewhere.

1. Sex is one of the best stress busters. it lower your blood pressure and clams you down.

2. Men reach their sexual peak at 17 years of age.

3. If you love your partner sex will be wonderful.

4. Married people masturbate far more than people living alone.

5. Sex frequently makes you smarter.

6. Sex can help fight the common cold.

7. Women can make their voice "sexier" but men can't.

8. Sex protects against cancer.

9.  Sex frequently makes your relationship stronger and more interesting.

10. 2 bananas give you enough energy for 40 min of sexual intercourse.

11. Regular sex makes your heart stronger.

12. 19 is the average age when people first have sex.

13. More woman talk dirty during sex than men.

14. Sex makes you pretty while having sex, a woman's body doubles the estrogen level which makes her hair shone and skins became softer.

15. A women breast can swell up to 25% when she is turned on.

16. Post-sex cuddling can increase your satisfaction.

17. Post-sex cuddling can increase your satisfaction.

18. People who sleep on their stomachs have more sex dreams.

19. Sex build better self-esteem.

20. Birth control may impact a women's taste in men. 

21. People after having sex prevents you from catching urinary tract infection.

22. It is difficult to urinate immediately after having sex because an anti-diuretic hormone is released in body during orgasm.

23. Psychologist says that people who consume more chocolate, have better sex than those who don't. 

24. Morning sex is more efficient than coffee when trying to wake up and stay wake throughout the day.

25. Couples who have more sex tend to argue less.

26. Sitting in chairs can arouse woman.

27. Sex can help reduce pain from headaches or migraines.

28. About two tablespoons of blood is required to get a penis erect.

29. A man approximately ejaculates 17 litres of semen in his entire life that contains about half a trillion sperm.

30. A sperm can travel up to 7 inches in an hour's time.

31. During an orgasm an average person's heart beats at the rate of 140 beats per minute.

32.  A woman's sexual drive reaches its peak just before her period.

33.  Frequent sex increases the growth of brain cells.

34.  Woman are having sex 17% more often than the average guy.

35. Not having enough sleep per day leads to desire for sex, depression and alcoholism.

36. Sex sheds your extra weight.

37. Women's who have sex at least once a week have more regular menstrual cycle.

33.  Average male orgasm lasts for 6 seconds whereas an average female orgasm last 20 seconds.

34.  60% of men get erect nipples when aroused.

35.  48% of Englishman fall asleep during sex.

36.  After having sex for the first time men often have a better self-image. and woman sometimes feel bad about themselves.

37.  Women suffering from marriage have a higher sex drive.

38. Genophobia is the fear of sex.

39.  Young men feel pressured to have sex quickly.

40. Your brain is programmed to make 3 things impossible to ignore food, sex and danger. 

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