Top 30 Refreshing Coca Cola Company Facts.


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 Top 30 Refreshing Coca Cola Company Facts | In English

Introduction :- coca cola facts | Interesting facts about coca cola - Friends, in this post, we are going to tell you some important facts of coca cola. We can say with a claim that if you read this coca cola facts then yo will able to understand many things about coca cola, so let's know There are interesting facts of coca cola . And I'm damn sure that you won't ever get this important coca cola facts  like us on the web elsewhere.

1. Production started in 1886 at The Coca-Cola Company The owner of this company is Aisha Griggs Calendar.

2. Production in Coca-Cola is converted to methane carbon dioxide.

3. Coca-Cola cannot be bought in only two countries in the world. Cuba and North Korea have done so due to US ban but these drinks are sold secretly in Korea.

4. During the Second World War, there were 60 military bottling plants of Coca-Cola throughout the world, due to which the local people also benefited.

5. Let me tell you, in the early 1950s, it was called 'Coca Colonization' in the 1950s. Coca-Cola trucks were overturned and bottles were broken.

6. Iran's former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad threatened to ban Coca-Cola.

7. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela appealed to people to drink locally made fruit juice instead of Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

8. The Coca-Cola Company claims that the drink is used in more than 200 countries around the world.

9. Do you know that the product of "The Coca-Cola Company" is located in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

10. Do you know that Coca-Cola was invented by Atlanta pharmacist John S. Pemberton did but did not name it.

11. When Coca-Cola was first launched, it was launched in the market as a nerve tonic, which claimed to relieve fatigue.

12. The first coca-cola introduced in the market was 9 milligrams per glass of cocaine.

13. Do you know that Coca-Cola has a net worth of about $ 83.8 billion (about Rs. 544 billion), which is more than the total net worth of Budweiser, Subway, Pepsi and KFC.

14. Coca-Cola is also the world's first soft drink to go into space.

15. Coca Coal has 900 plants in more than 200 countries of the world and employs 1,46,200 employees.

16. 1,900,000,000 bottles are being drunk every day, people are drinking 21,000 bottles every second.

17. Coca-Cola is 3.1% drinkable worldwide. It is the largest beverage company in the world.

18. Let me tell you, at present, there are only 33 brands without drugs in the world, which are earning more than a billion dollars a year, 15 of them are from Coca-Cola.

19. Coca-Cola contains 10 tablespoons of sugar in a 350ml can.

20. Coca-Cola is the first company to create a drink bottle in 1991 from recycle materials.

21. Do you want to know that if no color is added to Coca-Cola, it will actually be green.

22. At present, there are only 35 brands without drugs in the world, which are earning more than one billion dollars in a year, fifteen of them are owned by Cocoa Cola.

23. In the beginning of Santa Claus, the color was blue and white but the Fanta we see today is also a product of Coco Cola.

24. In 1931, I had given red clothes to Coco Cola, my son Ada, he had only described it as his company, but after that day people started using the same image.

25.In the first year of the making of Coca-Cola, only nine glasses were sold daily.

26.But today, around two billion bottles of Coca-Cola are sold worldwide.

27. Coca-Cola's formula remains a puzzle to the public till now.

28.Like a top secret, it 

was kept locked in the locker of the company's office in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

29.Cola Cola launched designer bottles: Coca Cola continued to sell coke in bottles until 1916. But in 1916, Coca-Cola launched its designed bottle in the market. People waved at him.

30.Coca-Cola is also the world's first soft drink to go into space.

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