Top 30 Amazing Facts About Michael Jackson.

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Introduction :-Michael jackson facts In English Hello friends, in this post we are going to talk about the interesting facts of Michael Jackson, the king of pop music (amazing facts about michael jackson in english) Michael Jackson is the person in the pop music world who made pop music Robot dance started with other musical art with the beginning, so sit on Dil Tham to learn interesting things related to Michael Jackson michael jackson facts in english

Michael Jackson was number one in the Guinness Book several times and is the most successful celebrity ever, the only artist to win 13 Grammy Awards, Michael Jackson died of a cardiovascular failure on 24 June 2009 yet Michael Jackson actually runs the hearts of crores of individuals, his singing and moving individuals are as yet insane. 

Through this post, we are going to tell some interesting and interesting things related to Michael Jackson's life michael jackson facts in english, knowing that you can really be surprised, then let us know interesting facts about michael jackson amazing facts about michael jackson in english

Top 30 Amazing Facts About Michael Jackson. 

1) Michael Jackson's popularity was so great when people came to know about his death on 25 June 2009, when people did a Google search on him, the Google search engine also crashed.

2) Michael Jackson's full name was Michael Joseph Jackson and he was also known as King of Pop Music.

3) Michael Jackson has a world record for selling more than 65 million copies of thriller movies

4) Robot and Moonwalk Dance Move is started by Michael Jackson

5) Michael Jackson was born on 29 August 1958

6) and Michael Jackson died on 25 June 2009 due to homicide

8) Michael Jackson used to take special care of his health and he used to sleep in Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber ”to grow his life.

9) Michael Jackson specially made "Anti-gravity boot" for his live performance. After wearing them, he could bow far ahead in the moon walk moves.

10) Michael Jackson was also honored with 13 Grammy Awards

11) Michael Jackson grossed nearly $ 500 million in his music career

12) Michael Jackson is the highest award-winning artist of all time. He won more awards than any other music, living or deceased. He has received 23 Guinness World Records, 40 Billboard Awards, 13 Grammys and 26 American Music Awards.

13) When Michael Jackson listened to the songs of his days in "The Jackson 5"; He said that he looked like a "Mickey mouse"

14) Thriller is the best selling album till date. It sold 42.4 million copies. And the thriller spent 122 weeks on the Billboard Record 200

15) His Neverland Ranch is a 2,700-acre property with a theme park, a mengarai, and a movie theater

16) He saw his son Prince swinging from the balcony of a Berlin hotel in 2002, when he was seen as a bad person in the eyes of social media.

17) In 1965, Michael's father formed a band called "Jackson Brothers" with him and Marlon and included his brothers Jackie, Tito and Jeramine as backup musicians.

18) Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson were part of the most expensive video "scream" with a cost of $ 7,000,000.

19) Pets played an important role in their lives. He had mice, snakes, birds, lamas, tigers, dogs, and cats, but his favorite pet was the bubble-chimpanzee.

20) Michael Jackson has been named as one of the greatest entertainers of all time in the history of entertainment. His contributions to music, dance and fashion made him a global figure in popular culture.

Top 30 Amazing Facts About Michael Jackson. 

21) On October 31, 2018, Forbes placed Michael Jackson at number one on its top-grossing Dead Celebrities list, with an estimated $ 400 million to earn.

22) In 2012, Michael Bush (26-year-old Michael Jackson's costume designer) revealed that Jackson's waist was 28 inches, shrinking an inch during the strenuous dance routine. Michael Bush revealed this fact in his book- The King of Style: Dressing Michael Jackson.

23) Due to his big nose, his father gave him the nickname 'Bigonoz'.


24) Michael Jackson got 100 more surgeries for his beauty in his life

25) Michael Jackson had gained his popularity that he would get to see more than 1000 statues in the United States.

26) Michael Jackson wanted to be alive for more than 150 years. Michael Jackson used to sleep in the Chamber of Oxygen in his desire to look beautiful.

27) You may not know about Michael's best friend but we tell. Michael's best friend was Bubble, a chimpanzee.

28) Michael Jackson made his first appearance at just 5 years old

29) You may not know Syed Michael Jackson was suffering from a serious illness. This disease occurs to any one person in 8,000 people and they were included in those 1. The disease is named Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency.

30) They spent 30 years trying to get a great look and Michael's face was met by his father, whom he hated. So he wanted to erase the father's marks from his face.

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