Mysterious Facts About Garena Free Fire That You Never Know.

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Hello friends, in this post we are going to talk about the interesting facts of Garena Free Fire, this game has given competition to the PUBG game and you might have heard about Garena Free Fire game and most of the people like it. Will play too.

We are going to tell you some special things related to this game, knowing that you can be surprised and if you play Free Fire, then you must know these interesting things of Garena Free Fire i.e. Free fire facts in English, so let's know.

Amazing Facts About Free Fire In 2021 | In English 

1. Free Fire Battleground game is developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garina.

2. Free Fire was beta-released on November 20, 2017 and was officially released for Android and iOS on December 4, 2017.

3. The Free Fire mobile game has over 500 million users.

4. The most important thing about Free Fire game is that you can play this game in any Android mobile with Low Ram storage whereas you need a flagship level smartphone to play PUBG game.

5. This game is available for Android Microsoft Windows, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4.

6. To play this game, the player has 2 maps. The name of the first is Bermuda and the name of the second is Purgatory. By landing on it, finding weapons and killing other players has to win.

7. Garena Free Fire is most popular in Brazil.

8. Free Fire was the fourth most downloaded game in the world in 2018.

9. Do you know who made the free fire game The free fire game is made by a company named 111dots Studio.

10. In pubg game 100 players take off from the ship in the field and in Garena Free Fire only 50 players get down to fight.

11. In the year 2018, Free Fire was the fourth most downloaded game in the world on Android and iOS platforms.

12. Free Fire game was made in Singapore because their company is from Singapore.

Free Fire All Guns Details :-

According to the bullet, there are 5 types of guns in Free Fire.

➤Gun with AR Ammo – To kill a distant enemy

➤Gun with SNIPER Ammo - for a distant enemy

➤Gun with SMG Ammo – Sub margine Gun for Midrange enemy

➤Gun with SG Ammo – For the nearest enemy

➤Gun with HG Ammo – If you can't find anything, play it

note :-

➤AR Ammo All Gun – Scar, AK47, XM8, MUA1, M60, M14, SKS, Woodpecker, FAMAS, AN94, Draganov

➤Ammo Wali Gun – MP40, MP5, P90, UMP

➤SG Ammo Wali Gun – M1887, M1014

➤Gun with HG Ammo – M500, G18, Desert Eagle

➤Gun with Sniper Ammo – AWM, Kar98K, M828

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