35+ Awesome Facts About Switzerland That Prove How Impressive The Country Truly Is.

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Switzerland is a Central European country. Because the alps encompass 60% of the country's surface, there are many lovely mountains, villages, lakes, and meadows to be found here. Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, and if we talk about paradise on Earth, it is this country that comes to mind first. There are few people who do not want to visit Switzerland. But do you know  these 35+ amusing and fascinating facts about Switzerland?

35+ Awesome Facts About Switzerland | In English 

1. Switzerland is a country in Central Europe. 60% of its land is covered by the Alps mountains, one of the highest living standards in the world.

2. Did You Know The people of Switzerland are one of the longest living people in the world.

3. The executive of Switzerland has the same powers of a total of seven members, so the Executive of Switzerland is called a "multiple executive". The Federal Council consists of 7 members. They are elected by a joint meeting of both the Houses of the Federal Assembly of Switzerland.

4. Switzerland is the world's largest chocolate exporter.

5. All Bollywood films shot abroad are the most shot in Switzerland as it is beautifully famous.

6. Did you know that Switzerland's Science Day, the great President of India, Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam is dedicated to sir.

7. Switzerland is the lowest crime rate in the country and it does not commit many crimes and 20% of the people living there are foreigners.

8. The Constitution of Switzerland contains 4 chapters and 196 articles.

9. The real name of Switzerland was Helvatia.

10. It was established on August 1, 1291 and was recognized on October 24, 1648, and became a Federal State on September 12, 1848.

11. Its area is 41,284 km and it is (136th) country.

12. It has three official languages: German French and Italian, but it is more commonly used in English.

13. Many Bollywood film songs are shot here. Zurich, Janiva, Bern (Capital), Basel, Interlaken, Lozan, Lutssern, etc. Adi is the main tourist destination which is very famous.

14. Kausaniko, a beautiful hill station situated at Mekhothi in Bageshwar district of Uttarakhand, is called Switzerland of India.

15. Switzerland is famous for its beautiful scenery and mountain shields, which is why it is also known as Switzerland of Kashmir.

16. The name of the Swiss currency is Swiss Franc which is 81.96 of the Indian rupee.

17. Europe's highest railway station is in Switzerland with a height of 11,332 feet.13. It is located in the Alps mountain range in the south and south-east, with Germany in the north-east, France in the west, Italy in the south and Austria in the east.

18. Snowboarding, skiing and mountaineering are popular sports in Switzerland.

19. Assisted suicide is legal in Switzerland.

20. The world's first instant coffee was invented in Nescafe, Switzerland.

21. Tim Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web in Switzerland in 1989.

22. Switzerland's Sonenberg Tunnel is the world's largest nuclear shelter.

23. Patek Philip of Switzerland invented the wrist watch in 1868.

24. The world's smallest toolbox, the Swiss Army Knife, was invented by Carl Elsner.

25. To apply for Swiss citizenship, you have to stay in Switzerland for at least 12 years.

26. The Swiss franc is extremely stable, and is considered to be one of the most stable currencies worldwide.

27. About 65% of Switzerland's inhabitants are of German origin.

28. Yash Chopra has shot the most Bollywood films in Switzerland in his films.

29. Switzerland has beautiful glaciers of ice on one side. These glaciers are covered with beautiful sheets of ice for eight months a year. On the other hand, there are beautiful valleys covered with beautiful flowers and colorful leafy trees.

30. In 2007, Switzerland mistakenly invaded its neighbouring country, Liechtenstein.

31. Switzerland is the official language: German, French and Italian and a co-official language: Romansh (Eastern Part).

32. Jangfrozen in Switzerland - Built at a height of 4158 metres above sea level, it is the highest mountain range in Europe.

33. Switzerland also has the highest railway station in Europe.

34. The most important thing about Switzerland is that the government here takes as much attention as nature has given it. The high glaciers here have every comfort associated with tourists. The cities here, be it Zurich, Luzeren or Interlaken, have become all-inclusive tourist centres everywhere.

35. Switzerland is one of the two countries that has a square flag.

36. Citizens in Switzerland can challenge any law passed by parliament.

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