Mind-Blowing Facts About Islam Religion That You Never Know.

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1. Islam means surrender and peace:-

Islamic is an Arabic word which means surrendering assimilation peace and purity. From a religious perspective, this means that man surrenders all his desires and desires to Allah.

2. The principle of religion is "To consider Allah as the mighty, the only God and the guardian of the world, mohabbat as his messenger

3. World's largest religion:-

Islam is the world's largest religion after Christianity, with its followers close to 2 billion. You will be surprised to know that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. At present, there are more than 50 countries in the world where Islam is the main religion.

4. Muslims worship at 5 times:-

Namaz is known as Salat and every Muslim has a duty to offer five times of prayers within a certain period of time. The names of the prayers are as follows:-

(i) namaz-fazr

(ii) namaz-johar

(iii) namaz-asr

(iv) namaz-magrib

(v) namaz-isha

5. Islam is for everyone:-

The greatest quality of Islam is that it can be adopted by everyone, so it doesn't matter what color you are like, which area you belong to or which tribe you belong to. In fact, only 15 per cent of muslims in the world belong to arabic breed and the rest are those who have converted to Islam.

6. The five basic pillars of Islam are Shahada, Salat or Namaz, Soum or Roza Zakat and Haj.

7. Allah has 99 names and every name has a different meaning. Like 'Al-Rahman' means 'the most kind', Al-Hafi means 'keeper of all', etc.

8.  Hazrat Muhammad's birthday is celebrated as Id-e-Milad-un-Nabi.

9. God is called 'Allah' in Arabic

10. Mecca Medina in Saudi Arabia is considered to be the holiest place of Islam.

11. The holy book of Allah that has been taken down on Hazrat Mohammad Saheb is the Quran. Allaah has given gabriel alai, the chief of the angels. Through the holy message (the same). That message itself is stored in the Quran. It has been nearly 1400 years since the Qur'an was rejected, but there is no change in this message.

12. Muslim women cannot travel alone. It is only to protect them, they should travel with their father, brother or husband. Yet some women do not follow it and travel alone. Yet in many Muslim countries there is a law about women not travelling alone.

13. Daughters are considered a boon in the beliefs of Islam.

14. According to some scholars, the founder of Islam, prophet Hazrat Mohammad Saheb Sall. His birthday is celebrated on the 2nd of hijri rabiul topper month. Prophet Saheb Hazrat Muhammad Sall in the city of Mecca on 571 AD. was born. Mecca settled in Saudi Arabia

15. Not all Arabic are Muslims. The Arabic people are also Christians, Buddhists, Jews, Ethests. Yet Indonesia has a large Muslim population. Indonesia is followed by Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

16. Ibna Ishaq was the first to write the life character of Hazrat Muhammad.

17. Mohammad Saheb was the last religious leader of Islam. Their respect is in everyone's mind but they are not worshipped. If someone worships someone other than Allah, he is considered like a sin called shirk. Both Mecca and Mohammed are considered very much in Islam but are not worshipped.

18. Hazrat Muhammad was married to a widow named Khadija at the age of 25, Hazrat Muhammad's daughter's name is Fatima and son-in-law's name is Ali Hussain.

19. In Islam, killing a child's foetus is prohibited. This can be done if it threatens the mother.

20. A burqa or hijab means just covering yourself. It is not mandatory for a Muslim woman to wear a burqa, she can also wear other loose and modern clothes. Just don't look at any part of your body.

21. The successor of prophet Mohabbat Saheb was called caliph. The post of caliph lasted till 1924 AD. It was abolished by Mustafa Kamalpasha, the ruler of the Turks, in 1924 AD.

22. The first Muslim ruler in India was Alauddin Khilji, whose kingdom covered almost all of India to the south end, which he had conquered.

23. The family and family of Mohabbat Sahib were called Ahl-e-Bait.

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