30+ Amazing Facts About Facebook That No One Knows.

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Interesting facts about Facebook Facebook Facts in English :- Friends, in this post we are going to talk about the biggest website of social media, Facebook, we are going to tell you interesting facts about Facebook. You might be surprised to know that Till 2003-2005, no one even knew Facebook, but today Facebook is the world's largest popular social media website, crores of users are active on Facebook every day, of which you will also be one,

Facebook has always been doing a great job to improve its mechanism like privacy and content management, so that you will be surprised to know that the Facebook user experience is very good, currently Facebook has about 3.2 million active users.

In this post, very interesting things related to Facebook are going to tell, interesting facts about Facebook, about which you probably will not know, if you are a Facebook user, then you must know these things.

30+ Facebook facts in English Interesting facts about Facebook

Know about the most interesting and surprising facts related to the world's largest website Facebook facebook interesting facts in English.

1. Do you know the founder of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg, but apart from these, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskowitz, Chris Hughes have helped to prepare Facebook

2. Do you know that Facebook was seen on the Internet on 4 Feb 2004.

3. According to a 2008 report, Facebook has had a 1-year revenue of $ 300 million, so you can guess that at present, Facebook's earnings will be 5 times more.

4. You will be surprised to know that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg takes $1 every year as salary

5. Facebook can translate not only in English and English but in 70 languages, it means to say that you can use Facebook in 70 languages.

6. It is a very interesting fact of Facebook that what is the reason behind the blue color of Facebook? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is color blind because Mark Zuckerberg doesn't see the difference between red and green.

7. You will be surprised to know that if you login to Facebook account and do any other work on the Internet browser, then Facebook records your every activity so that the user's favorite ads can be shown on Facebook.

8. The biggest reason why there is no Dislike button on Facebook is that Mark Zuckerberg does not want to see Negativity on social media at all.

9. 78% of all the people in the world who are connected to the Internet use Facebook, we have a very interesting fact about Facebook Facebook is interesting facts

10. Facebook is the fifth largest website according to Alexa Rank in the list of the largest website on the Internet

11. You will be surprised to know that after that if ever Facebook's server goes down, then in 30 seconds Facebook loses $ 15000

12. You will be surprised to know that there are more than 500000 hacking attacks on Facebook every day, but Facebook security is so strong that it is impossible to break it.

13. Facebook has a very interesting fate. In 2011, the constitution of the country of Iceland was written by Facebook itself.

14. Do you know that the initial name of Facebook was thefacebook.com which was changed to Facebook.com in 2005

15. Facebook.com domain was registered on 23 August 2005 but did you know facebook.com domain was bought by Mark Zuckerberg for $200,000

16. Do you know that there is also a language on Facebook on which word characters are reversed whose name is Upside Down, this is very interesting facebook facts

17. Do you know who is the most famous personality on Facebook, that is, whose most-followed Facebook pages are, we tell you the names of Top 3 Paqge owner

➤Facebook = Followers :- 214 million present

Samsung = Followers :- 160 million present

Cristiano Ronaldo = Followers :- 121 million present

18. Do you know the average number of friends list can be made on Facebook In the initial phase, Facebook had the privacy of making 155 friend list but now it has been increased to 5000

19. Facebook is so popular that 2.5 Lakh messages are sent every 1 minute or 500000 Lakh likes are found on the post and every 1 minute 30 lakh posts are published astonishing Facebook interesting facts Facebook interesting facts

20. A typical Facebook user spends 40 minutes every day on Facebook

21. This interesting fact will surprise you, do you know that there are 30 million people on Facebook such accounts which are no longer in this world.

22. Do you know that when you sign out of Facebook, Facebook focuses on each of your activities, which website do you visit and what do you search and buy so that according to that it can show you the same ads on Facebook

23. Do you know that Facebook in China has been a BAN since 2009 and still cannot use Facebook in China

24. Do you know which photo has got the most likes on Facebook, so let me tell you that the photo of former US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama clicked together got 4.5 million likes when he won in 2012 So he had said with a post One more year

25. Do you know how many fake accounts are there on Facebook, then let me tell you during a Facebook survey 14.5 crore fake accounts are active on Facebook, out of which one half can be yours too.

26. Facebook is the only social network website in Asia which has 499 million active users all over Asia.

27. And after that Europe is at number two, which has 301 Million Active users on Facebook.

28. If you want to go to the profile of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, then all you have to do is type fb.com/4 and you will be taken directly to the profile of Mark Zuckerberg

29. The first account on Facebook was created by a man named Al Pacino.

30. Facebook earned about $ 227 billion in 2014

Interesting facts about Facebook | Facebook facts in English

31. Do you know that in 2011, Facebook became the biggest reason for divorce in America

32. Every day 350 million photos are shared on Facebook.

33. Whatsapp may have been developed by Brian Acton but currently the owner of whats-app is Mark Zukerberg. Facebook had bought Whatsapp for Rs 1 lakh 18 thousand crores.

34. Do you know that there are 1 billion people in the world who have Facebook app installed in their mobile.

35. A normal Facebook user opens Facebook at least 15-20 times a day

Friends, apart from this, there are many other surprising interesting facts of Facebook, but in this post we have included those interesting facts of Facebook which can really surprise.

Facebook has broken some of its records, whether it is in earning or Facebook user or anyone else, Facebook has now become the biggest social media website on the Internet because Facebook allows its users to stay active on Fb. It has been providing and will continue to bring more amazing features to its users in the coming times.

So friends, I hope that in this post you would have liked interesting facebook facts in English information, so stay connected to Factbazar.com to know more such interesting facts.

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